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We are a FinTech boutique specializing in the consolidation, normalization and analysis of complex data ecosystems. We enable our clients to perform comprehensive, integrated data analysis of distributed data sets, using complex algorithms, neural networks and statistical methods. We enable patterns to be identified, fraud to be prevented, processes to be optimized and recurring statistical deviations to be converted into automated actions.

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Our product: RayQ

RayQ is our state-of-the-art data analysis solution that enables complex data budgets from different inventory systems to be consolidated centrally and analyzed with high performance via flexible interfaces. Data sources can be easily connected via the user-friendly frontend and jointly subjected to complex analysis paths. Recognized patterns and dependencies are visualized with 3D rendering and thus made tangible. Defined analyses can be easily automated.

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Our services

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Data analysis

With our RayQ solution, we offer our customers a powerful and flexible tool to take a fresh look at their inventory data across different data systems. Business users can easily use complex statistical methods and self-learning neural networks to gain new insights about customers, processes and products from existing systems that can be monetized immediately. Important decisions can thus be made based on data and not just on a gut feeling.

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Customer analysis

Our team carries out analyses for customers and provides significant support in the preparation of studies. We help to identify, visualize and structure new correlations so that our customers can derive recommendations for action from them. We look at data in a new way and have helped in the past to identify medical correlations in the pharmaceutical industry, to evaluate performance data in the healthcare sector, to optimize logistics or production processes, to make trading patterns in markets transparent and to uncover fraud.

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Minimize incidents of damage

RayQ helps our customers, for example in the insurance industry, banking, logistics and production, to identify "deviations" from data and explain them in individual cases. We recover lost containers or wagons as well as complex fraud patterns in billing between insured persons, doctors, pharmacists and insurance companies. We also find internal and external fraudsters in finance or purchasing departments of companies of all kinds. Once a pattern is identified, monitoring of potentially fraudulent behavior can be easily automated.

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Software development

We are constantly adding new algorithms to our systems and optimizing performance to analyze extreme amounts of data for complex, multi-dimensional dependencies to grow with our customers' needs

Based on our RayQ backend, we develop specific analysis solutions for our customers. We work closely with our customers' IT departments or IT service providers, as well as with experienced integration partners, to deliver the software solution that fits our customers and optimally addresses their challenges.

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Technology & Architecture Consulting

We help our customers to optimize their data ecosystems and support them in creating data warehouses, data marts or simply central analysis data sinks, with the help of which the data from the most diverse distributed systems, databases or other data sources are brought together, normalized or standardized so that all relevant data and not only available fragments of data can be analyzed. This enables us to create high-performance architectures that for the first time allow a holistic view of data and the well-founded, data-based representation of complex facts.

The Qyte Team

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Jürgen Hirsch

Technical Managing Director & CEO
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Michael Wellenbeck

Commercial Managing Director
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Michael Ochs

Head of Development
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Nils-David Hirsch

Analyst | Business Development