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Launch „RayQ Power“ Release 2.0 optimized for integration with Sybase® IQ and
Sybase RAP
Migration of the Qyte Ltd. Holding into the Qyte Holding UG under German law

Launch „RayQ Power“ Release 1.0 optimized for integration with Sybase® IQ
(„RayQ on IQ“)

Establishing of partner network
RayQ Release 1.4

Founding of Xyte Solutions Ltd. as Software development arm
RayQ Release 1.3

Discontinuation of the Hirsch & Sachs GmbH, thereby finalizing the migration
from a service company to a product and consulting company.
Integration of the Qyte GmbH into the Qyte Ltd. Holding.
Step-wise migration of Customers, Projects and key staff from Hirsch & Sachs
GmbH to Qyte GmbH; establishing of Qyte as brand and RayQ as product

Go to Market of Qyte GmbH with the RayQ data mining software, changing from
a pure project development company to a operating company.

Founding of the Qyte GmbH as a project company to develop a flexible and
leading-edge software to analyze mass-data jointly together with experts from the
university Marburg

Founding of the IT-Service-Company Hirsch & Sachs GmbH