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About us

Qyte GmbH was founded in 1999 as subsidiary of the Hirsch & Sachs GmbH.
While Hirsch & Sachs GmbH was focusing on providing high quality IT-Services,
Qyte GmbH as a software development company worked on the programming
of the data mining software RayQ. The strategic aim was to transform from a
pure IT-Service company into a software house with consulting competencies
in all questions regarding data.

In May 2004 the transformation was successfully concluded and the operative business was re-structured. This
transformation became visible to the public in 2005 by the integration of Hirsch & Sachs GmbH into Qyte
GmbH. Since then the activities of Qyte GmbH focus on the continuous development and the distribution of
the leading-edge data mining and business intelligence solution RayQ as well as on the provision of services and
consulting with regard to all aspects of our client's data.

At the center of our activity there is always the client, who's satisfaction is the product of multiple factors of
our corporate culture. These factors include a continuous and open communication form the outset of the
business relationship. Our Customers value or capability to solve complex and difficult problems – even under
time pressure. We often act as firefighters in seemingly failed projects. Our solutions are lean, pragmatic and
customer oriented. We demonstrate to our clients what can be done in any given situation and do not
promise results which we cannot deliver. This transparency and honesty have proven to be the foundation for
a long-term customer relationship.

As a small company we early on established a network of reliable and highly competent partners , who share
comparable values in the interaction with joint customers. This partner network is used to market our RayQ
solution and enables us to rely on a big competence pool when staffing project teams.